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Wwoofing at Asleeping Dragon:

We offer CULTURAL EXCHANGE WWOOFING here at Asleeping Dragon, to REGISTERED MEMBERS of the WWOOFing Aotearoa/New Zealand/International Organization.

How it works in New Zealand

WWOOF Volunteers
Live with families and get hands-on experience with organic practices including cooking and preserving, companion planting, worm farming, composting and a whole lot more. Volunteers often say they like "giving something back to the country I am volunteering in".

Hosts like the "world coming to me" by opening up their homes and sharing their lifestyle with others. WWOOF New Zealand now includes properties that are not completely organic, but still operate under the desire to be sustainable. All hosts have valuable experiences and a lot of knowledge to share. In order to make it easier for volunteers to search for a host that best matches the skills they can offer, we have split the hosts into two categories: WWOOF hosts and Cultural Exchange(CE) hosts.

Cultural Exchange Hosts offer social, humanitarian, conservation, Spiritual and Cultural experiences that fall outside organic farming practices.

We offer Cultural Exchange Wwoofing here at Asleeping Dragon, to anyone looking to take time out of their day to day life, perhaps experience a different pace in life - and to reconnect with the Earth, by spending time working with the land.

Learning to take care of gardens, meditation areas, clearing weed infested area's and creating magical spaces for other folk to experience in years to come.

Learning to live with others in a mindful and considerate way that helps us to grow and learn from each other.

Wwoofing is a wonderful way to practice or an opportunity to begin to practice mindfulness - the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment as you go about helping out and while staying here. It is also an opportunity to learn to be more aware, consider other peoples needs and perhaps be able to learn to help other peoples needs, besides just your own and to be present in helping out where possible. To be mindful of the consequences/effects of our actions while here and the cause an effect that your actions could have, not just here at Asleeping Dragon, but in other lives and those around you. Wwoofing here can also give you an opportunity to go deeper within your self and learn more about yourself if you are requiring to do this also. Wwoofing here is definitely about allowing yourself opportunities to grow and to perhaps develop more beneficial ways to others and to your own needs. Wwoofers with an open mind and willingness to learn from any opportunity will always benefit from a wwoofing opportunity here for sure!

We are a CULTURAL EXCHANGE with organic home gardens - We are NOT an organic farm - You'll help out with Gardening/general property maintenance. Sharing of general cleaning duties in and around our home. Help out with the Evening Meal, Prep and Cleaning up after. Dog Exercise. Gorse/Blackberry clearing.

We ONLY TAKE Long Term stays, 3+ weeks (after initial trial). We are a Smoke/Drug Free environment.

You need to be self motivated, fit, energetic, self reliant, practical, willing to learn and genuinely wanting to help out and be part of our wonderful extended family.

There is an Email Application Process that has to be done before we accept any WWOOF placement.

Please check the calendar on our WWOOF Profile for availability.

As stated above we offer this only to REGISTERED MEMBERS of WWOOF Aotearoa New Zealand - to become a member or find more information please visit

WWOOF Aotearoa New Zealand

Check out the Wwoofer Projects on the top right hand side of this page to learn more of what's been done by wwoofers here in the past.

Please understand that we are not and do not offer: a back packers place nor a holiday home, nor offering Couch Surfing.

We are a Cultural Exchange Wwoofing Host home and as such we do expect wwoofers to actually wwoof and not just arrive and do the odd few hours when it suits them.

We need the support from all our wwoofers to help us in our daily routines. If we feel that this is not happening or working out for us, we will ask you to move on, as we simply can not afford to have folk just staying here, using our home and eating our food and not helping out.

We do appreciate all the help we get from our wwoofers that do help out, even without being asked to :)

Interested? Check out further information on what we offer and do here.


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