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Update time!

Added our Past Furry Family members
and our Present Furry Family members pages. Have also added Maxx's Story for folk that want to know more about our wild kitten...

Update time!

Added more Wwoofers feedback and updated more of the wwoofersthat have been staying here lately.

More Work in Progress!!!

Added more Wire Trees images, Pics of some of the tools I use and stories.

Work in Progress!!!

Added more What Wwoofers do images.

Added Wire Tree images and stories.

Work in Progress!!!

Begun work on my India Pilgrimage story.

Work in Progress!!!

Added Wwoofers Feedback about Wwoofing at Asleeping Dragon
Added and updated Past Wwoofers that have wwoofed here....

Work in Progress!!!

Added Photos of what some wwoofers have done here today.
Added and updated Past Wwoofers that have wwoofed here....

Work in Progress!!!

Yup Autumn brings the Harvest in, so working on the website felt fitting to do today to the wee hours (2.30am) of the 2nd May 2015....

Launch Date!!!

Today's the day! Accepting that not all pages will be complete, however all functional and uploading today is exciting! And YES it's taken over 2 years to finally get here lol....

Renewed Effort to building our New Website...

Life happens and got seriously distracted from getting this done. So I've set a new target for a month of solid work and hopefully we will have a new web sited by end of November 2014!

Design work for our New Website begins...

It's been 8 long years since we did a website for our home - Asleeping Dragon. We've been busy with building a new business from scratch. So to finally have time to be doing some web design has been fun. Daunting at first as so much has changed in the last 8 years in web design, though the building blocks of html language is still there, just having to work out the CSS, Java, layout placements and voila.....

Our New Business Adventure..

is launched and totally consumes both myself and my beloved... Asleeping Dragons Website becomes derelict and abandoned...

Asleeping Dragon Website designed

As part of my web design classes I built our website. It is a personal website, filled with my ramblings and was meant for fun, years later, I cringe and wonder what the hell was I thinking lol...

Asleeping Dragon was an original Homestead that we purchased and moved into in January 20th, 2000 from the Hesslop Family of Waihi Beach.



My life stories along the way of being and just my odd ramblings...

on the way

Stories of my Travels around New Zealand and our wonderful World...


Find out what Wwoofing is and what projects Wwoofers have done here.