Living Legacy Mosaics by Past Wwoofers at Asleeping Dragon.

Max joined our family in January of 2014.

She came from my sisters farm down in Eketahuna - her mum was a wild cat and they couldn’t keep her so her children asked if I would bring her back to our place. I didn’t think they would be able to catch her, due to being a wild kitten... However, Maxx was caught and brought into the house. She was a little unsure to start with, Maxx soon adjusted to her surroundings of loud children and a very gentle new mum... Within a few hours Maxx was into giving big cuddles and very loud purring! As she has grown she has become more and more confident. She loves to play, though you need to be careful of her sharp claws and teeth, she is more than happy to use them on anything!

It hasn’t been easy fitting in here with Isha and Jessie and Frankie but over time we know that they’ll all be great friends...

She is very happy to play as much as on her own and even more so with someone :)

We don't let Maxx outside, as we know her nature is full of fun and play, she is after all a cat and will torture and kill birds/insects etc and we wish this not to happen if possible.

She loves to play with paper, balls, string and knitting needles and loves to bounce, hunt, climb and jump. She also loves to ride on a towel around the kitchen floor :) She is more than happy to cat wrestle with a stuffed toy or your hand if you can bear sharp claws and teeth!

She also loves to cuddle and purr very loudly... She also will talk alot and happy to just hang out with folk or on top of the book shelf... She is very fast when it comes to getting into places she shouldn’t be going or getting into. She is very inquisitive and curious and loves to scrap with anything that moves!

Funny to watch and play with - great at bringing a smile to your face, when your feeling a little down...

April 2015 was a new challenge for Maxx, when her mum brought home 2 ginger kittens from the vets for an overweekend stay, that became perminante. Not impressed at first, Maxx reacted as Isha had reacted to her. With plenty of hissing and lashing out... slowly and surely though, the boys have won her over, now they play and have been known to curl up and sleep together too! Though there are moments when boys will be boys and become too much... being the older and larger cat at the moment has it's advantages according to Maxx...

Mums made a quick photo Gallery of me below, click on each image to getter a larger picture of my beautiful being...

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