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Life Stories

Welcome to our page of our stories...

My name is Donna...

I am also know as
Donna Dancing Turtle,
Dancing Turtle,
and HawkT.

Confused? Don't worry, I get like that too!

A little about me. yeah right,
I am afraid that this is quite impossible really! As anyone who knows me, knows that I try to pack as many lives into this life as possible!

This is quite a long story, and if you can be bothered reading it, I thank you for taking the time, maybe you know how I feel if you have experienced similar experiences. You sure don't if you haven't! But I hope it may help or make a difference in someone's life. One never knows!

I was born in Hawera Maternity Hospital on the 25th September in 1967, To Bob and Ann. 4th child of 7, I came from a very large, totally diverse and dysfunctional on many levels, family to say the least!

Life was full; with fun, laughter, happy memories and allot of very unpleasant times/memories too, but we survived and though have all gone our separate ways, some of us still keep in contact.

To make the reading easier, I have added separate pages on some of the more deeper experiences or individual topics that I offer to share with you all... these are accessible by the highlighted words on the topics as you read through my bio..

My first memories are very happy ones.

My primary school memories were filled with wonder and learning,
whilst my College memories were much more sinister and painful...
For more of a walk down memory lane of my Childhood Memories,>
While more of my Teenage and Young Adult memories are here...

You can visit my experiences of Christianity but be warned, it may not be all fun and roses here...

My other views, and experiences of Spirituality can be seen here..
As for life, and it's meaning I am happy to share with you here what I have experienced to date and what I think it is all about. Remember this is just how I view things, and are not necessary your truths, but mine at the stage of where I am at the moment....

I believe that there is cause and effect, Some call it Karma, some call it Luck. I feel there are Consequences for all actions that we do and I definitely don't believe in coincidence. All things happen for a reason, sometimes we know why and sometimes we never know why!
I have been blessed with many wonderful wise Wisdom Keepers, (a teacher of sorts) over the years, and no doubt will have many more to come, and I always found that most of them use riddles in their talk, and I never felt that I totally understood what they said, but after many years of experiencing life and all that it has on offer, I am beginning to understand what they mean...

"You are here to; reach your fullest potential, to learn, to experience, to develop, to make mistakes, and to grow from them, to find Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Tolerance of all things, to fully understand what it means by all things being connected, and that all you do, does matter, for good and bad, to love and to hate, to be confined and to be set free, to be ok in all that you do, to give and also to receive, to honor yourself and all around you, to awaken for the benefit of all beings, and only you can do this in the lifetime/s you have, just like everyone else!..."

And I use to say, "Yes but HOW?!". And they never really would tell me, except "You will know, or you know all ready". I really hated that when a Wisdom Keeper would say this to me. I know now, that it is only by being me, that I can reach my full potential. No one else can reach my full potential but me! By continuing to question, to be open to learn, to experience and to search for answers can I ever be satisfied that I am achieving my full potential.

Shocking revelation of them all is, I AM HUMAN!
I make mistakes, I feel, I hurt, I experience, I cry, I love, I scream, I shout, I move, I learn and I try!
Just like every other person on this beautiful world we call home.
Well, enough of my ravings for now, take a look around the site,
and I hope you enjoy, learn and find something of interest,
Blessings, Donna



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