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Welcome to our collection of Videos of Asleeping Dragons life...

We were really blessed in 2013 to have a wonderful French guy by the name of Quentin. He came with another friend Julia to wwoof here and helped us learn the fun art of time Lapse Video. Quentin and Julia returned in February 2014 and teamed up with Tim and Freya from Germany to take care of Asleeping Dragon while we went away on a holiday for a week to Australia. Asleeping dragon Farewell is their living legacy to Asleeping Dragon....

The Time Lapses by Donna have all been done on an ipad2 using Time Lapse App. Music by Daft Punk - Tron Legacy - Father and Son.

Asleeping Dragon Farewell by Quentin and Julie (France) with, Tim and Freya (Germany) February 2014.

Asleeping Dragon Sunset Time Lapse done by Donna. August 2013.

Asleeping Dragon Sunrise Time Lapse done by Donna. August 2013.

Asleeping Dragon Clouds Time Lapse by Donna. August 2013.

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